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Dynamic site

Building a database-driven web site is one of the best ways to insure that your site will grow into the future. Here are some of the reasons why...

   1. Manage Your Own Content:
A database-backed web site brings unprecedented flexibility to how information is stored and displayed on the web. That means you can add and manage stories, information, schedules and photographs--without having to call a web master. It's a great way to take control of your site while saving money on maintenance.

   2. Keep Your Visitors Coming Back:
With fresh content that you can update at will, your site will always be relevant. So instead of finding the same stories and information on your site, returning visitors will find information that's new and current. It's easy, inexpensive, and will keep your visitors coming back time and time again.

   3. Grow Into The Future:
grow into the futureBuilding a dynamic, database-driven site is strategically superior because changes to the site are incredibly easy to make. Want a new look on the site? No problem, since design (presentation) is separated from the site's content. Need to change content: That's only a few keystrokes away with easy-to-use administrative interfaces. Want to add new pages or sections? Not a problem when you've built your site on a foundation that's both solid and flexible.

   4. Manage Visitors Securely:
With a data-driven site you can let visitors see only information that you want them to see. Build member's-only sections; handle passwords; lock-out unwanted requests; handle subscription services; allow your staff access to areas where others are not allowed. A database-backed site can perform these secure functions with ease.

   5. Be Searchable:
Letting visitors find the information they need quickly and easily is a snap with a dynamic site. Whether you're a publisher hosting thousands of articles, or a merchant selling hundreds of widgets, a dynamic site allows your visitors to find what they need in a heartbeat.

   6. Harness your site's potential:
Unlike traditional "static" sites, a dynamic site is far more than useful than simple "brochureware". With dynamic architecture, your site can be put to an infinite variety of valuable uses. For example, you can easily connect a visitor with a near-by distributor, connect a specific salesperson to a customer, or deliver an instant response customer service request. In short, a dynamic site delivers more than a "static" site ever could.

   7. Spend less time managing your site:
A dynamic site can reduce or eliminate many of the most time-consuming functions facing your staff. That's because many administrative functions can now be automated. For example, if a deadline has passed, or an inventory sold-out, the site can automatically remove those items from display. It could notify you automatically, and update product pages on its own. Now your staff can spend less time on the web managing your site and more time doing the things they do best.

   8. Handle Complex Tasks:
While dynamic sites are superb for publishing and ecommerce, they can also be used for complex tasks such as quoting, estimating and presenting customized sales information anywhere, any time. Handling complex tasks is par for the course with a dynamic site.

   9. Connect to Your Customers:

When visitors come to your site, do you gather information that can help you serve them better? With a built-in database, a dynamic site is a natural for gathering customer preferences. Ask them if they want to subscribe to newsletters, or if they are interested in new products. Test market new products. Survey them for valuable feedback. A dynamic web site can help you connect to customers in ways you were never able to before.

  10. Customize your message:
Is it possible to respond on an individual basis to an infinite number of site visitors? If you build a dynamic site, it is. From greeting customers individually after log-in to sending carefully-crafted customized emails, a dynamic site will help you send the message that your customers are more than just numbers.